Thursday, October 15, 2009

Back Yard Gardening - Not Just for the Country Folk

(Picture of fresh lettuces from my Fall garden). As a hopeless do it yourself-er, I do love the satisfaction of growing some of my own food. I know for many that sounds like way too much work for a person with a family and demanding job. Well, I can't say it's no work at all, but I can say it's no where near as difficult or time consuming as you probably think. In fact, with one free Saturday and a little help, you can easily construct and plant an entire vegetable garden from seed that will be virtually maintenance free. A garden isn't just for those with the proverbial "green thumb." If you love to cook like I do, you know there is no substitute for fresh ingredients. Growing an herb garden and planting a Fall and Spring garden (big commitment right?) is minimal effort in comparison to the return. For me, it is a cheap and practical way to get ingredients I use without spending a fortune. I also like the fact that my kids can learn about nature, science, and gardening at a young age. While it's not reasonable to expect you'll be able to give up grocery shopping by starting a back yard garden, you will be surprised at the things you no longer have to buy. A backyard garden can be both a functional, attractive, and rewarding feature - not to mention a truly organic food source - something you can feel good about.

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