Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Do Skirts and Steaks Have in Common??

So, what do skirts and steaks have in common?  Nothing, except tonight Amber and I cooked skirt steak.  Never heard of a skirt steak?  Tis, tis.  It's a cut of beef from the inner plate or belly area (free of any bone or membrane) and is simply one of the most overlooked cuts of beef (meat period) out there.  Ask any chef in the world worth their salt and they'll tell you skirt steak is awesome. 

Contrary to some of what you might read, when properly cooked, rested, and cut, not only is skirt steak very tender but incredibly flavorful thanks to the light marbling throughout.  It is a flat peice of meat similar to a flank steak.  The end result when seared or grilled is a nice, evenly cooked, tender steak, full of flavor.  It is so lean after cooking that not a single bite will be wasted because it tastes fatty or chewy.  If that description still leaves you skeptical, then I dare you to try this recipe I got off of (I actually found it first on Saveur).  This seriously should not be a challenging recipe for ANYONE and it is delicious!

PS - you'll notice the picture above is NOT from my kitchen.  I didn't get a photo because it disappeared too quickly to be caught on camera.  Skirt steaks apparently don't like to have their picture taken.

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  1. PSS - I didn't bother with the sweet potato salad. I just baked them instead. Yum!