Saturday, August 28, 2010

Maddie at the Vise

As you might imagine, no father could be more proud than it ironic that she is tying a seducer??

Now if she isn't an angel, I don't know who is...I love you baby girl; we'll be putting that fly to the test soon enough!!


  1. Very cute and very good fine motor skills!

  2. That Madelyn is one smart granddaughter. When are you going to let Elizabeth get her hands on some of that fly tying stuff?

  3. Lizzy will get her turn as soon as she gets out of the "everything I see goes in my mouth" stage. I don't want my baby girl getting a lip piercing - not now or ever.

  4. Dude, these pics are AWESOME! Keep these forever. Nice job

    The Average Joe Fisherman