Monday, November 9, 2009

Blueberry Wine Divine

First, let me just say taking pictures of wine is not as easy as it sounds - this picture is trying to show the color and clarity of this wine, which is still extremely young as far as aging is concerned. So far, I am pleased with the fact that it is bright and crystal clear. It also has a nice deep color. The taste is a bit harsh still simply due to the boost in tannin imparted by the oak aging. This will mellow out significantly in the next six to eight months during bulk aging and even more over a number of years. Tannin helps preserve the wine and adds to it's complexity. Once bulk aging is complete, prior to bottling, I will taste to determine if the wine should be sweetened. If so, a simple syrup will be made and added to reach the desired sweetness and the wine racked a final time after resting another two weeks. Then, it's time to pull out the floor corker.
This picture is trying to show the "legs" of the wine. While many mistake this for being indicative of a good wine, it is merely a phenomenon that occurs due to the evaporation rate of the alcohol in contrast with the water. What this often says is the wine has a potentially high alcohol content - which it does at approx 13.5 - 14%

Another picture in my futile attempt to capture the color of this wine. Anyhow, it will be a while before I can provide another update on the progress of this wine, but when I do, it should be oh, so good! Until, then I will just have to sip from another bottle.

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