Monday, November 16, 2009

Gulf Coast Vacation

Over an extended weekend, Amber and I took a long overdue trip down to the Gulf (absent of the company of children). The weather cooperated, we stayed at a solid hotel for cheap, and got a little downtime to relax. It has been a longer than I can remember since either of us slept in until 10:00AM. I swear, I am going to live on the coast one of these days.

Asside from the phenominal fresh sea food, we got to spend time walking the beach, taking in a sunset, and even sneaking in a little fishing. We rented a beamy 21' Center Console boat for a day for only $175 thanks to the off-season rate. This was a great decision as there is probably no better way to experience the Gulf than from the deck of a boat. Fishing was a little tough this trip due to the strong breeze, but we took time to make it a learning experience for Amber. She is becoming a very solid little fly caster. I hope this will turn out to be just one more love we can both share for a life time.

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