Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things You Don't Expect to See In Front of a Preschool

So please allow me set up this scene up for you. The image you see above was taken by me using my 1.3 mp cell phone camera while riding in the car with a few of my colleagues on a lunch break. We were talking up a storm and jokin around when all of the sudden I see this sign - it was unbelievable.  And to make matters worse, I was further bewildered by realizing the setting. I simply had to get a picture.  The image looks a bit blurry, but I think you can imagine how seeing a sign of this size, with this message, would catch one's attention.

Now I've been told these signs (that's right, I said signs - plural) have been hanging on this fence for like two or three years, which is even more comical because either the advertisers have a puppy mill (a very likely scenario as I think about it) or the "puppies for sale" aint puppies no more. Anyhow, besides the signs being inherently funny all on their own, the location for these signs absolutely boggles the mind. If you'll kindly divert your attention away from the foreground image and notice the structure in the background (yep, that's a wooden swing set), you'll realize these signs advertising pit bull puppies were hanging on a fence in front of a playground. And not just any playground, it was in front of a preschool playground! I kid you not. I was picturing a bunch of little pre-k kids playing tug-of-war with a pack of pit bulls, except they don't have a rope. Then a colleague mentioned something about throwing dice into a box and running a dog fighting ring out back. I seriously started looking for cages of game cocks somewhere.

I mean come on...who does this? I mean, what are these people thinking? Who would take their kid to a preschool or daycare that would allow someone to put signs advertising pit bull puppies out in front of their facility?? I mean I know this is Alabama but COME ON!! I have only one word for you...inconceivable.

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