Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Contessa 26

As a guy who likes boats of all sorts, and particularly sailboats, this is a little folk boat I love. I've bought and sold many boats, but I think the Contessa 26 would be a cool boat worth hanging on to. At only 26' LOA, one might mistake her for a near shore day sailor, but this little boat was designed for blue water sailing and has managed many intercontinental voyages and circumnavigations. Personally, I'd just like to make trips down the coast or to the Bahamas. Solid fiberglass construction, full keel, tiller steering, and lovely lines. The bigger cousin is the Contessa 32, which is a more practicle cruiser since the 26 has very limited accomodation below deck.

1 comment:

  1. A Contessa 26 is a great boat for 1 person. You could squeeze two with some effort. But with less interior space than a PS Flicka and not much more speed or performance, maybe not too fun to sail. But a great boat for short handed offshore work.