Monday, February 17, 2014

Flying Scot Mast Step Repair (the joys and trials of sailing)

Bringing it home from Florida -- dang, that was a long drive.  It's hard to believe this is an original Douglas Hull #88 built in 1959!  She looks pretty good for her age, eh?

Pushing water

Afternoon sail with the wife and kiddos

Heeled over with Mr. Pete to leeward!

 Yikes!!  A big puff and the mast step crunched right through the deck.  Now we have work to do!

 Bedding the reinforcements

 Fairing and shaping each layer of coring

Glassing it all up with a thick mat, skinned over with 2 layers of super strong 6oz S-Glass.  US Composites is the place for all your glass repairing needs.

 Faired using microballoons

 Primed and painted with Interlux products...tapped filled and re-tapped each through hole for the step

 Properly fitted and bedded step and hinge - Nice!

Back in ship-shape, let's go sailing!!!

Best shipmates!

The full crew headed to dinner at The Boathouse

Everyone knows sailing is a labor of love.  We don't do it because it's easy or predictable -- we do it because it's challenging and rewarding -- and that is what makes it fun.  

To harness the wind in the canvas of a small vessel across sometimes turbulent waters can be peaceful and frightful in the same instant.  I hope this story in pictures gives the reader a taste of both the joys and trials that often accompany sailing.  The power of the wind can even be destructive, but thankfully, God has given us the ability to repair and overcome what has been broken, and we are stronger for it.


  1. Nice looking boat. Is that new gelcoat or paint on the hull? Also, what is the anti-skid material on the topsides? Never seen a Scot with that, but it looks like it probably makes for safer handling.

  2. The mast on the flying scot has the repair at the bottome of the mast that I need. It provides a stronger slot for the mast pivot hinge. How can I get that? Thanks.