Saturday, January 23, 2010

Summer Wine - Bottling

We had a great time in the field picking all the lovely blueberries that would produce this wine over the summer.  Gin House Branch Farms located in Priceville, AL is a local grower who produces some very fine blueberries.  Their motto is to eat as many berries as you can while you pick, no charge.  What a great little weekend outing. 

Thanks to the superior quality of these berries, little needed to be done to enhance the flavor but in the interest of enhancing the color and dimension of the finished wine, dark Washington state cherries were fermented along side the blueberries.  Finally, this wine was oak aged for a short time to add even more depth and enhance the finish.  The end result?  Well, let's just say it passed the taste test nicely.  A semi sec with a dark but crystal clear red color and a forward oak note (which will soften a bit with age).  It reminds me a great deal of a Pinot Noir.


  1. Ben, if I send you a check that includes shipping costs, will you send me maybe two bottles? I'm dying to try some of ya'lls wine!

  2. I have another idea that won't get either of us into any trouble :) I'll hand deliver two bottles to you when we come to Columbus again (which should be sometime soon). How does that work?