Friday, March 12, 2010

Pépin's Osso Buco

Aren't the originals always the best?  I don't care what newfangled chef shows up on the scene, no one beats the original - Jacques Pépin.  The guy is truly an institution in the culinary world; a legend in his own time.  There are many reasons but on a basic level it is because his recipes are perfect for the home cook who loves getting a little creative in the kitchen.  I like the fact that he's down to earth.  As much fun as it is to watch and listen to him cook, the most amazing thing is his skill.  I mean, darn, if he isn't wicked good with a knife.  I think the only thing he can't do in the kitchen is say "cookie sheet" or "ice cream" without cursing...but hey, you try it with a French accent.  Gives me a chuckle just thinking about it.

Anyhow, tonight we made Jacques osso buco recipe and it was so good; I highly recommend it.  I didn't have any saffron laying around and it's expensive, so I paired the dish with yukon gold mashed potatoes instead of the rice.  As for wine, I went with a red believe it or not.  Veal is one of those exceptions where you can cook with a white but pair it with red.  Barefoot makes a very suprising Zinfadel that is very inexpensive and tasty.  I have become a big fan of the combination of value and quality this winery has to offer.  I think many enthusiasts would be ill advised to write them off as a cheap producer and therefore a poor choice for those with chosey taste in wine.  I have tried the Cab Sav, Sav Blanc, and Zinfadel and all have met my taste with approval.  All the more when I consider that a bottle can be had for less than $7.  Arguably not great wine, but IMO, suitable wine for any pallet.  Give it a try and I think you'll agree.

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