Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Graywolf Signature S-Glass Fly Rod

You are looking at images of my fly rod dreams come true.  

This is a Signature S-glass fly rod built by Shane Gray, a master bamboo, glass, and graphite rod builder and owner of Graywolf Products and Services in Michigan.  I ordered this rod after resigning to the fact that I was no longer able to stand looking at any more pictures on his blog without first hand experience. 

This is an 8ft 5wt 3pc rod (build #110) with spalted maple reel seat insert, blued hardware, and modified full wells grip. The seats are made to Shane's specifications by Joel Lemke.  He also turns all of his grips out of the best flor grade cork from a long time supplier.  Titanium snakes/tip top and blued agate stripping guide.  Fine silk thread for the guide wraps and marine grade spar varnish for the finish.

As you can see, Shane does pretty phenominal work.  When I was writing/ editing for BK, I had the opportunity to talk to him a few times and his passion for the craft of rod building and the sport of fly fishing were evident.  I look forward to holding this work of fly rod artistry in my hand and stringing it up for that first cast.  You can bet, I'll be grinning the entire time.  I'll be sure to post again once I've had an opportunity to examine and fish the rod.

Until then, I encourage you to check out Shane's blog (if you dare).

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