Monday, January 24, 2011

Pat the Aussie - A Memorial

Oak Haven Farms American Patriot aka "Pat" (2003 - 2011)

Today was a sad day for me and my family.  Our beloved family dog "Pat" had to be very unexpectedly put down today due to a mass found in his colon by the vet.  I'll spare you any further detail.

Pat was a loving, sweet natured, loyal and protective red merle Australian Shepherd.  He was very handsome as you can see and was the envy of every Aussie owner that ever saw him.  He was born a show quality confirmation dog with excellent breeding and perfect hip certification.  Pat was a young 8 years old and was still very spry and active.  He was always a happy and playful dog who just loved to be around his family and get a scratch on the ear.  He was loved and he will be missed.  So long buddy...


  1. I'll miss him too! He was the best dog ever produced from our many years of breeding show quality Australian Shepherds. He was an awesome dog.


  2. I keep thinking about him...I had no need to fear for our safety with Pat around- he was a great protector. It seems strange to think he's gone.

  3. My condolences on your and your family's loss. Pets...but dogs especially...are truly one of the tribe...