Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flying for Dinner

On a last moment whim, we decided to make a run down to the coast for the long holiday weekend with the girls and Amber's parents.  The Gulf is one of our family’s favorite places and since no oil has washed near the shores of NW Florida, we wanted to take advantage. Despite some questionable weather reports, things have been beautiful; the water and beaches have been picturesque and the get-away medicinal.

Today, Amber and I took a guide trip out of PC, Florida with Capt. James Pic. I’ve fished with James several times and I can tell you his experience and knowledge of the waters around PC are unrivaled. We left out of historic St. Andrew’s Marina at around 6:00AM. The bay was teeming with schools of menhaden and the bay was alive with activity: fish working bait, pods of dolphin, rays, and even an Osprey diving for a meal. We started out fishing for reds, with Amber boating two fish in short order (see report at JP2 Fishing Report). When we decided the reds were done cooperating, we moved on to the big bay water for more action, catching Spanish, Blues, and Ladyfish.

It was a good day to be on the water and the fishing wasn't bad either. Amber had a blast (most important part) and JP helped ensure we were on top of our game to maximize success. We caught plenty of fish and took only enough for a fine dinner. The pictures tell the story best and we're looking forward to our next trip.  I'm saving my best pics for a new article for Blood Knot.

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