Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree

My baby girl and I went fishing yesterday.  It was just an easy afternoon - nothing serious - looking to wet a line and spend a little daddy daughter time while the weather is still nice.  She was generally more interested in throwing rocks in the water, digging in the dirt, and finding flowers. And I'm fine with that because I don't want to pressure her to like fishing (after all she's only 3-years old). 

If she develops a love for fishing, I want it to just be natural.  She did help me strip in the fly line whenever I had a fish on, which let her get in on the action.  She bragged to everyone around, including a squirrel, that she had caught a fish and I couldn't have been more pleased than if she had.  It won't be long and my little princess will be tossing flies without Daddy's help.

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  1. I can easily picture Maddie conversing with a squirrel! She has quite the imagination. You are a wonderful daddy to our girls. Spending time with you is a highlight in their day…and mine.