Saturday, May 4, 2013

Baltimore Aquarium and Historic Ships Maritime Museum


This was our first visit to Baltimore and we really enjoyed the downtown area around the aquarium.  Of all the big aquariums we have seen, including Atlanta, Denver, and Chattanooga, the Baltimore Aquarium probably rivals the best we have seen in terms of the number and quality of the exhibits.  We also found that each exhibit had been designed to ensure you were able to view the animals while still retaining a natural feel to the habitat. 

Another great thing about the aquarium is that it is located right on the water, making for really great view of the harbor and the entire downtown area.  The aquarium is also directly adjacent to the Baltimore Maritime Museum, home of the USS Constellation and the home port of the Pride of Baltimore II.  There are also plenty of restaurants within short walking distance and the general cleanliness of the entire area is refreshing.

My one complaint is we are continually disappointed, but not at all surprised, by the way nearly every aquarium, museum, zoo, or natural science exhibit is run by people hard at work to indoctrinate children and unsuspecting adults with a naturalistic worldview.  These institutions display diagrams and narrated exhibits that make claims which have zero founding in actual science beyond conjecture and theory.  If they would stick to the verifiable facts or at least caveat that the views they espouse are theoretical (not scientifically confirmed or even verifiable), these institutions could retain their intellectual integrity and respectability.  Unfortunately, this is not reality and would nullify their agenda.  I'm sorry, but we did not macro evolve (even given billions of years) from jellyfish and there is zero scientific proof that jellyfish have ever reproduced anything but jellyfish.  That said, we find these are opportunities to educate your children about legitimate science so they can learn to separate fact from fiction.

We did enjoy our day in Baltimore and we would highly recommend a visit.  Getting to see the Pride of Baltimore II under sail and up close and personal was a special treat as it is rarely in home port.  If you get the opportunity to visit, we would encourage you to do so.

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