Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dijon Mustard Crusted Salmon

This is a recipe I got from Eric Ripert, world famous chef and co-owner of the renouned Le Bernardin restaurant in New York City.  This is seriously a 7-9 minute meal you can cook in your counter top toaster-oven.  It is easily one of the best salmon recipes I know of.  It is absolutely amazing. 

The key is choosing fresh, farm raised salmon.  The fat content of organic farm raised salmon is incomparable.  The fish is then paired with a creme fraiche (or sour creme as substitute), lemon, and chive sauce with just a dash of salt.  I have to admit the simplicity of the recipe was a bit concerning to me, but all doubt was dispelled the moment the fork was inserted and the first perfectly cooked bite touched my mouth.  It was incredible.  I urge you to consider cooking your favorite salmon recipe in your toaster oven on 450 degrees for about 7-9 minutes on broil.  Incredible.

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