Saturday, June 12, 2010

Flying in a Kayak

I went fishing this morning with a buddy of mine, Michael Cowley, in the backwaters of the Tennessee River in Wheeler Wildlife Refuge.  It was my first experience fly fishing from a kayak and I have to say - despite the rediculously HOT weather - it was pretty cool. 

I have spent years fishing from a float tube on small bodies of water with great success and this is pretty close to the same experience in the respect of stealth.  The difference is you can cover ground much more easily and quickly with the added benefit that waders are not required.  A kayak takes a little getting used to since staying upright is entirely dependant on maintaining your weight within the center of gravity - similar to a canoe but to an even greater degree.  Once you aclimate for a few minutes, it really becomes quite easy.

Biggest thing I caught was a heat stroke.  Well, not really, but pretty close.  The water was terribly stained from the recent rains and so I only managed to boat one weazer of a blue gill; the only decent fish of the day, a largemouth, I lost due to an amature break-off on the hook set.  I felt like a total ninny.  Oh, well.  It was a good experience for a first time trip and I had great company.  I hope to get back out there again soon in slightly better conditions.  We'll get 'em next time Michael.

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