Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blood Knot - Emerging Leader in Online Fly Fishing Mags

As the first issue from Blood Knot cleared the launch pad, as expected, there came a flurry of responses.  I can't really say there was anything approaching a "viral" response but feedback came pouring in nontheless.  Thankfully, to relief of nerves I might liken to that of an expecting father, nearly all of the feedback has been positive.  We like to think this is because we have successfully managed to distinguish ourselves from the "other guys" who also publish online fly mags (many of whom we have the greatest respect for, by the way).

We have worked exceptionally hard at Blood Knot Magazine to recruit and publish writing that is a cut above and written with the hardcore fly angler in mind.  Some of the writing is "close to the bone" and some of it is just about real fly fisherman who have a passion for the sport.  In addition, we pair high quality written content with great photography, artwork, fun pieces, etc.  We're darn proud of our first issue, but we humbly like to think this just the beginning.  We may be a start-up but we believe the best is yet to come.  Haven't heard of Blood Knot Magazine??  You will.

As I mentioned, we've had a number of bloggers and professionals in the industry comment on Blood Knot's first issue.  The latest comment came from Jeffrey Prest, editor of Taunted by Waters.  Check out his comments and then hop over to the supporting website for Blood Knot and subscribe for free to receive newly released issues.  No spam, no selling of email addresses, etc. - just the next best online fly magazine for free.  You gotta love that.

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