Monday, July 19, 2010

Missionary to Nepal - Shashi Bhandari

My very dear friend, Shashi Bhandari, is a full time missionary in his home country of Nepal.  I had the pleasure of traveling there to visit with him in September of 2008.  Shashi and I spent three weeks visiting remote villages where Shashi has established churches and focus areas.  It was an unforgettable experience and I look forward to the day I can return with my wife, Amber.  This is a video Shashi and I put together as a trailer about his ministry in Nepal. 

Shashi is a registered nurse and teaches children and adults about maintaining their health and the importance of good hygiene.  Shashi and his staff have saved the lives of several people through their medical outreach, but most importantly, they tell people about Jesus Christ and the Bible.  Shashi explains to men, women, and children that Jesus came for all people, even those the Hindu cast system deems "untouchable."  Because of Shashi's obedience to his call, hundreds of people have now received Jesus Christ as Savior.  Shashi is one of my hero's and I love him like family.  He is one of the most joyful and selfless human beings you'll ever meet.  The only time I've seen him unhappy is when he was crying over his burden for the lost.  If you are interested in helping support Shashi and his ministry, please visit his website at Barnabas Project of Nepal.  God Bless you Shashi and staff!

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