Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Random things that are annoying…

Being interrupted. If I’m speaking and someone interrupts to say something totally unrelated or of zero relevance to the topic at hand, it’s a slap in the face. Then to add to the insult, sometime later saying, “So, what was it you were saying again?” Oh, heck no. I’m not repeating myself and don’t start talking to me about NOTHING when I’m trying to listen or pay attention to something far more important. If you need to interrupt, have the decency to announce it by saying, “excuse me…”

Men with long fingernails. This is just disgusting. Nuff said.

Unreliability. If I tell someone I’m going to do something, I try my best to live up to my word, even if that means I deeply regret having made the commitment to begin with. Flakey people who look for any excuse to get out of a commitment really bother me. It’s just all around bad form.

Wet clothes. This is particularly applicable to wet socks while wearing shoes. It’s almost like torture for me. It’s one thing to get wet when it’s intentional; it’s something else to get wet and not be able to do anything about it.

Not answering the phone. People who seem incapable of keeping their cell phone 1) on their person 2) off silent and 3) charged. All of the above making them unreachable and unresponsive for long periods of time, but all the while you know they have this phone!  This drives me insane.

Quotes by - Anonymous. I’m sorry but “Anonymous” never wrote anything. If the person who wrote that pithy little quote had any stones, he/she would have put their name on it. If they didn’t bother to claim it then I sure as heck don’t plan to either.

Chain restaurants. I’m not an anti-establishment guy and I’ll even admit there are a few decent chains out there. Like it or not, chain restaurants are somewhat unavoidable, however this doesn’t change the fact that I don’t like about 95% of them. Food that tastes of freezer burn and epitomizes every boring misrepresentation of food preparation is not enjoyable dining to me – especially when I’m paying an overpriced tab for something they think is jazzy because it’s got chipotle in the description.

Burnt popcorn smell. What normal person intentionally makes and then consumes burned popcorn? On top of being taste retarded, these people are also completely inconsiderate of everyone else who has to smell the putrid stench that lingers for an hour. Popcorn can be an iffy food item to begin with. Charring it in the office microwave that has a clear “popcorn” button is just really hard to get my head around.


  1. I dont want to annoy you with an unrequested addition but I humbly add
    seriously, it is not cool to walk through the store, or airport and talk as loud as you can to nobody with this blazing blue light coming from your ear. I don't care if you are to busy or cool to hold a phone, I don't want to hear your one sided conversation so please pick up the phone like a normal person.