Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fire on the Mountain

The Boys in the Woods (aka BITW) took a little overnight pilgrimage back to our old camp grounds deep in the hills of Talladega, Alabama to unplug and unwind.  Up here, there's no cell phone reception, no electricity, no running water, no streets, and no stress for miles.  We shoot guns, we eat meat, and tell a lot of funny stories.  It's good times.

RC Cola was first developed in Columbus, GA (my hometown) back in 1905 and is known as the cola of choice for real Southern folks (not rednecks - I think they drink Mountain Dew). Little known fact, Columbus is the same town where a man named John Pemberton first developed the formula for a drink that would later be called Coca Cola.

View from the campsite...used to be able to see the foothills of the Appalachian but it's grown up some.

My friend of 29 years and neighbor since childhood, Larry "Tad" Bailey.

My friend of 29 years and best man, Jason "Dirty" Duncan.  I laugh about him being a "Dirty" cop.

Childhood friend since I can remember and outdoorsman extraordinaire, Shannon Litton. 
That's a WWII 7.62 mauser (complete with bayonet) firing full metal jacket rounds.

That, my friend, is a 16oz hand cut fillet crusted in black pepper and kosher salt then seared over hot coals in a cast iron skillet that was passed down by my great aunt.

Spiders.  Yes, there are lot's of them in the woods, Sissy.

The BITW...order from shortest to tallest is purely coincidental.

Fire on the Mountain.


  1. Looks like a great time. Did you get a chance to shoot the Buckmark in the photo? I love mine.

  2. "Up here, there's no cell phone reception, no electricity, no running water, no streets, and no stress for miles." --- sounds pretty darn near heaven to me! Good times, good times! I'm not from the south, but my family has always had RC Cola in the cooler ;)

  3. Erin, you would totally dig this place. It takes a while to decompress when everything else in life is generally moving at a blistering pace, but once you let go, it helps you re-center.

    Savage, I did shoot the Buckmark and it's a very sweet little pistol but loud! I am looking at the M&P 9mm for a sidearm and something relatively inexpensive to shoot at the range and possibly reload.

  4. hmmm.... RC! My favorite cola!!!! blows coke out of the water!! Great blog, you got a new follower

  5. Thanks for the comment Dustin and the follow, brutha!!

  6. well you got some cool stuff in here and well deserved! Keep it up