Sunday, June 12, 2011

Large Deceivers and CCG

I've been tying a bunch of deceiver patterns and these are just a few samples.  Mostly just having fun with the top three, but hopefully I'll get to cast these to some hungry fish soon.  All of these flies are finished with CCG.


  1. Nice collection and very well tied!

  2. What hooks are the first two tied on? Are they up-turned eyes or did you flip them up with pliers?

  3. Thanks Dustin!

    I find that I can often pay half for hooks not marketed as "fly" hooks. I generally prefer a straight eye hook but I've experimented with a lot of styles.

    Savage, in the first three, the hooks came with upturned eyes. They are very wide gap, which I like for these bigger patterns. They are just saltwater bait hooks (octopus). I like the look mostly but I'm not sure it makes any real difference whether the hook eye is turned up or down on flies this size - it might make a difference in the gap on sub 20's. Ha!! I've read it makes the hook less likely to go deep and mortally wound fish, but I'm not sure if that's true. I rarely hook a fish that deeply anyhow.