Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thistle Sailing on Swift Creek Reservoir

My buddy Peter, who is also relatively new to RVA, has a thing for sailing and invited me to come out and crew for the last Thistle race of the season at the GRSA.  It was a nice day on the reservoir with a total of 5 boats in the Thistle fleet, but the wind wasn't exactly cooperative.  We spent the majority of the time in 0-3 knots of wind.  Fortunately, brought some coffee in a thermos, so we just tried to relax.  We did manage to catch a few decent puffs to make our way around the course and even get heeled over a time or two.  Best racing was a near photo finish squeezed out within a hair of the committee boat during the only decent wind of the afternoon.  I'm looking forward to hitting the water again soon under sail.  We're planning to get a little boat this Spring so we can take the family out and maybe do a little racing.

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  1. Despite the wind it looks like you had a good time. That's what's great about sailing: the journey is the destination.