Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dessert for Breakfast

One of my favorite ways to enjoy dessert, is at breakfast. I mean seriously, who hasn't substituted left-over cake for a morning meal? Whether your talking donuts, muffins, tarts, waffles, pancakes, crepes, struddle, danish, scones, toast and jam, there is something about that touch of sweet to get things going. One of my all time favorite breakfast desserts is apple tartin. It is a classic dessert with very few ingredients that also happens to be extremely easy to make.  Simply take one puff pastry sheet, thaw, unfold, dust with flower, and roll out on working surface.  Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Now put dry white sugar in the bottom of a small oven safe skillet over medium high heat.  Once the sugar begins to melt, add sugar as needed to coat the bottom of pan evenly.  Now add peeled and cored apple slices (any will do but Granny Smith are best) and form a pattern with them in the pan.  Turn over once apples begin to soften on one side.  Once apples have softened on both sides, zest some lime over the apples.  Remove from heat and push apples toward center to form a tight pattern. Now place puff pastry over the pan and cut with a small knife around the edge of the pan.  The pastry will fall into the pan and you should vent the pastry in a few places to allow steam to escape.  Place the pan into the oven and cook 12-14 minutes or until top of pastry is golden brown.  Put a plate over the top of the pan and flip.  Allow to cool and dust with powdered sugar.  Slice and serve.  Amazing, beautiful, and simple.

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