Monday, March 1, 2010

Portuguese Chicken and Rice with Linguica

Amber, our friend Sarah from back in Columbus, the kids, and I had dinner over at our friends house last night.  The Frye family knows good food.  It's a passion our family's both share.  Mandy took the bull by the horns in the kitchen to make us a great dinner; Mike and I shared a Malbec as he played Sous Chef and I staged the chef.  The meal was a slight variation on her uncle's famous Portuguese Chicken and Rice with Chourico Sausage dish.  David Machado and his recipes have been featured on PBS and he has several very legit restaurants out in Portland, OR.  Check out the link to this particular recipe at Lauro Kitchen, an innovative take on the Mediterranean Bistro theme.

The variation to the recipe was the use of Linguica instead of Chourico. It was my first time trying this type of sausage and I really enjoyed it.  The flavor it imparted to the rest of dish was very enjoyable.  I love anything cooked in a Dutch oven, so I may not be impartial, but this meal met all of the criteria for goodness in anyone's book.  It is simple, inexpensive, colorful, and delicious.  Pair it with a Portuguese Vinho Verde and good company and you've got a perfect Sunday evening meal.  Thanks for sharing guys.

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